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A Peek Inside Capitol Concierge Service Academy

At Capitol Concierge, our motto is “WHEN SERVICE MATTERS.” Exceptional service is the foundation upon which the Capitol Concierge legacy is built and it’s also the key differentiator between our company and other concierge service providers! That’s why we developed the Capitol Concierge Service Academy—our concierge training and ongoing development program which ensures that our team delivers 100% quality service, 100%  of the time.

Consider these two similar but very different scenarios.

Scenario 1:

You and a friend go into a restaurant. You are seated and 15 minutes later, a waiter asks you, “Can I take your order?” You order a drink and the waiter then asks if you are ready to order your food. You mention that you haven’t had enough time to look at the menu and ask if the waiter has any menu items he would recommend. He says, “Everything here is good.” When he delivers your drink, he takes your food order and you only interact with him again when he delivers your food and the bill. Typical, right??

Scenario 2:

You and a friend go into a restaurant. You are seated and 5 minutes later, a waiter stops by the table to introduce himself. He asks if you’ve been to the restaurant before and explains the daily specials. He takes your drink order and when he delivers it, asks if you’ve had enough time to look over the menu and if you have any questions. You then ask if there is a menu item he would recommend and he politely offers a variety of suggestions. During the course of your meal he stops by your table to ask if he can get you anything else and if you are enjoying your meal. He makes sure your water glass in filled and brings you more bread. When he delivers the bill, he thanks you.

In both scenarios, you and a friend are seated at a restaurant but that is where the similarities end. It’s the individual service that makes a difference between an okay experience and an exceptional one.

At Capitol Concierge, we know the importance of providing each of our employees with all the tools, materials and knowledge they need to provide superior service to each and every client. Through the Capitol Concierge Service Academy, we do just that. Our Service Academy has two fundamental parts: orientation, onboarding and training which is followed by mentorship and development.

During our two-day onboarding, orientation and training, our employees receive interactive, hands-on training from each department head and Account Managers. Students are also supported by our Human Resources Team and learn about our standards, policies and procedures.

Upon graduating from the orientation, onboarding and training portion, we place our concierges at a property under the direction of a Concierge Manager and/or Account Manager where they receive continuous follow up, training and guidance.

The second part of the Service Academy, mentorship and development, is a continuous learning and coaching program that follows concierges throughout their career with Capitol. Through vital performance evaluations, regularly scheduled follow-up meetings, conference calls and additional training opportunities and classes, our employees continue to learn and grow to be successful in their career. 

The Capitol Concierge Service Academy equips our concierges with the skills to take on the most difficult of tasks while proving the exceptional service that Capitol Concierge has built its legacy upon.

To learn more about the various ways we can add value to your property, view our services here and contact us today at 202.223.4765.