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Beyond Benefits in the Post-COVID Pandemic Workplace

Life in the era of the COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtably impacted the way we work, live, and play. It’s no surprise that after only three months, a July 2020 survey conducted by Monster found that 69% of employees were experiencing burnout symptoms. Now after a year of employees and their families manage working remotely, children schooling from home and the usual living at home, the workforce is growing increasingly anxious to return to traditional workplaces. 

As the deployment of vaccines motivates employers to begin considering a return to office, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to returning to “business as usual.”  Developing a comprehensive re-opening plan that addresses the health and wellness of the physical space, the impact of work-life balance on employees, and the challenge of maintaining connected and engaged environments safely is essential. While traditional employee benefits are always imperative to attract and retain talent, employers will need to offer advantags that extend beyond the obvious. Implementing creative ways to help support their workforce during these challenging times, such as corporate concierge services, may hold the answer. 

The misconception that corporate concierge services are costly and exclusively provided by Fortune 500 companies inevitably hurts employers and employees alike. By minimizing and even eliminating costly time spent by employees on tasks best handled by a concierge, the cost-effective benefit of concierge services offers employers a powerful recruiting and retention tool that can be measured beyond productivity hours. From booking necessary personal services like house cleaning, landscaping, tutoring for their schoolage children and even travel, employees are alleviated of everyday tasks that distract from performance.

The advantages of corporate concierge service doesn’t stop there. 

Whether at home or at work, people are happiest when they feel that they are part of a social and collaborative environment. Keeping employees engaged and connected is an important factor in developing an exceptional corporate culture in the era of COVID-19 and beyond. By arranging and hosting virtual parties and team-building events that connect and engage employees, corporate concierge service helps build bonds and promote loyalty.

Capitol Concierge serves as the trusted concierge provider for some of our nation’s most esteemed corporations. Whether we are servicing industry giants or small businesses, we are committed to developing tailored solutions to help employees excel at their jobs and in their personal lives. Contact us to find out how our services are a cost-effective answer to retaining and recruiting your employees.