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Why Concierge Service Is Fast Becoming the Hottest Corporate Trend

By Lynda Ellis, Owner and CEO, Capitol Concierge

The past year has been a recruitment roller-coaster ride with twists and turns and a steep decline that has resulted in a highly competitive labor market. As companies struggle to recruit and retain employees—whether remote, in-office, or hybrid—they are finding that they aren’t solving today’s hiring challenges by relying on their past recruitment strategy. The reason? COVID-19 shifted the priorities of what employees want from their companies. 

Labor can account for up to 70% of business cost. That’s why employee attraction and retention is paramount to an organization’s success. Today’s recruitment strategy needs to be different. While traditional benefits are vital, they are simply not enough to recruit and retain top talent in a tight job market. Today, over one-third of the workforce are millennials. A survey of this generation regarding key workplace issues shows that they values a work-life balance, with 83% ranking it as the most important factor when making an employment decision. In addition, the survey found that millennials also value company perks more than their older counterparts. In order to stay competitive, many companies are reevaluating the perks and plans they offer and turning to corporate concierge service, a solution that improves employee job satisfaction and productivity, and provides a work-life balance. 

Why concierge service?

Corporate concierge service is not a new concept. In fact, Capitol Concierge was the first company to introduce the service in the 1980s. While most companies are familiar with the value of the service, there is a misconception that it is too expensive and a benefit that is only provided by Fortune 500 companies. Nothing could be further from the truth. The reality is that concierge service is a cost-effective benefit that delivers a return on investment.

Here are the top reasons why companies turn to us for concierge service:

Recruitment. Finding the right employees is competitive. The pandemic has exacerbated the issue due to remote work and the ability for candidates to cast a wider net when searching for a new job. Our concierge service is a perk that sets companies apart from others. 

Job satisfaction. Mental well-being is an important factor in retaining employees. We take care take of their to do lists which reduces stress and increases job satisfaction. Additionally, our service shows your employees that you value their contributions to the company’s success.

Productivity. According to Inc. Magazine, research suggests that in an eight-hour day, the average worker is productive less than three hours. We have their dogs walked, houses cleaned, vacations planned, and dinner reservations booked—so they can concentrate on their work. 

Corporate culture. Keeping employees engaged and connected is an important factor in developing an exceptional corporate culture. By arranging and hosting parties and team-building events, we help build bonds.

Capitol Concierge serves as the trusted concierge provider for some of our nation’s most esteemed corporations. Whether we are servicing industry giants or small businesses, we are committed to developing tailored solutions to help employees excel at their jobs and in their personal lives. Contact us to find out how our services are a cost-effective answer to retaining and recruiting your employees.