What are personal concierge services?

Busy professionals trying to manage hectic lifestyles can transform their quality of life with the services of a concierge. Personal concierge services enable our clients to shift errands, personal responsibilities and business support to us so that they can enjoy more of that rare commodity: free time.

What is a virtual concierge?

A virtual concierge puts unlimited service at your fingertips. This service level combines the convenience of online order placement with the personalized touch of a dedicated and capable concierge. Clients are able to place online orders with a concierge team that services their property remotely. Then, that team of concierges facilitates the fulfillment of the order.

What do your errand services include?

At Capitol Concierge, our errand services include nearly everything on your to-do list: dog-walking, dry-cleaning, gift baskets, floral arrangements, and more. As long as your request is ethical and legal, our errand services offer unlimited options to make sure you get everything done so you can lead a more fun and fulfilling life.

How is billing handled?

For annual contracts, clients pay a monthly charge for concierge service. For individual tenant/resident services, Capitol Concierge accepts major credit cards for payments.

What geographic areas does Capitol Concierge service?

While Capitol Concierge is based in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, our business is always growing. We are continuously expanding throughout the U.S., and several of our services can be handled remotely from any area of the country. The best way to find out if Capitol Concierge can meet your needs is to contact us today.

Should I tip my Capitol Concierge?

Gratuity is neither expected nor accepted.

How can I submit a request?

We encourage you to visit with your concierge in person, over the phone or by email to make a request. However, for convenience, or if you do not have our concierge at your property, you may also submit a request through our online system.

How does Capitol Concierge ensure confidentiality?

Capitol Concierge guarantees confidentiality and discretion in all that we do. We take necessary precautions to ensure that our clients’ information is safeguarded and protected. Capitol Concierge does not share and/or sell names or information. We screen our employees and expect that they adhere to the Capitol Concierge standard of confidentiality and discretion.

How far in advance must I submit my order?

As soon as you know what you need, let us know. We’ll take the worry out of scheduling, coordinating and follow up.

May I place an order to be handled in another state?

Yes, we can generally handle your request.

What is a commercial concierge?

A commercial building concierge greets tenants, employees and/or guests. In addition, the concierge follows the building procedures for all visitors, deliveries and contractors, ensuring they check in with the concierge when entering the property. They provide directions, information about the local area and in some cases also manage conference facilities. Creating a sense of community within the building, they will assist property managers with new tenant welcome packages, anniversary gifts, tenant appreciation events, and charitable drives. They are an integral part of the property team and recognize the importance of being the eyes and ears of the property. A commercial concierge can also provide more complex services such as travel arrangements, party planning, gift baskets, dry cleaning, pet sitting /walking, wine tastings, tickets to events, golf lessons, tee times, and many more.

What is a residential front desk concierge?

A residential front desk concierge greets residents and their guests and ensures service providers check in and out when on site. Depending on building policy, visitors and service providers are announced and only granted access if approved by the resident, either verbally or through prior authorization. They also manage packages, keys, maintenance requests, arrange events, and serve as the eyes and ears of the property. The concierge team can assist in obtaining additional services that are convenient and time-saving such as dry cleaning delivery, gift baskets, wine tastings, tickets to events, party planning, dry cleaning, house cleaning, pet sitting/walking, transportation services, golf lessons, tee times, and many more. Most importantly, a residential front desk concierge helps create a strong sense of community among residents.

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