Property Concierge

Property Concierge Services Washington DCNothing beats a friendly face to help you right away

SERVICE MATTERS. That’s our motto and exactly what we offer our clients. Whether you are looking for coverage from 9 to 5, 24/7 or anything in between, we are able to provide concierge services that meet your property’s unique needs. In buildings with extended service hours, managers can rest assured that Capitol will take the 3 a.m. phone calls.


In the highly competitive real estate market, providing top amenities such as concierge services adds great value to properties. Why have professional concierge services? It’s simple, first impressions are critical. Concierge service enhances the image of a property, giving a building a competitive edge and making the property more marketable.

Need to organize an ice cream social, arrange holiday decorations for the lobby or coordinate your conference center? We’re the people who take care of it all. We handle the tough, last-minute issues so you can be confident that tenants are in good hands—all while giving your building that extra “umph” to make it competitively top notch.


Residential property owners, managers and associations understand that creating a strong sense of community at their properties can significantly reduce turnover rates, and our concierges do just that. We plan fun and engaging events for a property’s demographics, and can arrange for catering, entertainment, or any other specialty services.

Our cost-effective concierge services not only bring residents together, they increase your return on investment. Studies show that residents stay where they’re at because of social relationships and the ability to meet people and make friends. From holiday parties to summer outings, let us make your property a place that residents can call home.


Your employees have their own busy lives outside of the office—and they appreciate when their company knows it. Providing a concierge service for your employees shows you value their contributions to your company’s success. We have their dogs walked, houses cleaned, vacations planned and dinner reservations booked—so they can concentrate on their work. Less stress, increased job satisfaction and employee retention.

Studies show that corporate concierge service provides a wide array of profitable benefits for companies including better retention and reduced absenteeism. When employees are free of additional day-to-day responsibilities, they can focus on work without distraction.

Our Service Levels:

Lobby Attendant

The friendly face that greets and signs in guests, takes basic requests for the property and provides follow up on those requests, all while serving as the eyes and ears of the property. Our lobby attendants integrate themselves into your team to create a warm and welcoming experience for all tenants, residents, employees and/or guests.

On-Site Concierge

The lobby attendant and much more. Our on-site concierges perform all the duties of the lobby attendants, but also manage additional requests such as flowers, tickets, reservations, tee times, events and more for you, your tenants, residents and/or employees. We have the inside connections for seamless service.

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