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This is an unprecedented time in America’s history.

As our nation copes with the ravages of a pandemic, we are also faced with the devastating reality that racial inequities and injustices still prevail in 2020. Many will write, and history will document, how the people of our country managed through this time. Sadly, all that is written will not name all of those whose lives have been lost and opportunities not given—all because of their color or gender.

We can no longer be silent or tolerate silence. Deafening silence has allowed George Floyd’s horrible and needless death to happen. His loss of life has shattered the silence, giving voice to the prejudices only talked about behind closed doors. He has brought people together, galvanizing thousands who were strangers until walking and standing together. I support and thank the peaceful protestors and acknowledge their commitment and courage to no longer be silent.

At Capitol Concierge, we embrace diversity. We are a company with employees that speak over 50 languages. It saddens me that in a country so rich with opportunity and diversity, we are still accepting behaviors that violate the very freedoms our forefathers fought so hard to achieve. Have we learned nothing?

We must talk about what we stand for, share our courage, and demonstrate our faith so that others feel valued and considered no matter the color of their skin.

Lynda Ellis, CEO
Capitol Concierge