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Tips on Keeping Tenants and Their Employees Happy this Summer

In today’s tight job market, many companies are looking for creative ways to engage and retain their employees. While keeping employees happy is a year-round job, the opportunity to keep them engaged really heats up during the summer months. As a property owner or manager, you can help your tenant employers keep their employees happy this summer.

As a concierge company, we have found that especially during the summer months employees want to make the most of their time. With warmer weather and longer days, employees want amenities that enhance their work-life balance. While working alongside some of the nation’s leading properties and companies, we have arranged numerous services that reduce stress, provide peace of mind, and allow employees time to enjoy the season. Below are a few simple ways for property owners and managers to help their tenant employers deliver employee satisfaction throughout the summer. Studies show that concierge service provides a wide array of profitable benefits for companies including better retention and reduced absenteeism.

Provide time-saving services
Concierge services can reduce time-consuming chores such as lawn care and home cleaning, freeing employees up to enjoy their summer with family and friends. Plus, when employees are free of additional day-to-day personal responsibilities, they can focus on work without distraction.

Organize family-friendly events
Developing a team environment can be challenging, especially for large businesses. Organizing fun and creative events is an effective way to bringing employees together this summer. Longer days and warmer weather make for optimal conditions for casual outdoor activities. Our concierges have planned and executed everything from pool parties and BBQs to volleyball tournaments and movie nights. Try hosting a pool party with sweet treats, an outdoor movie night complete with popcorn or a family ‘Paws and Wine’ where animal shelters bring puppies for adoption, a huge hit with families. By keeping the events casual and family friendly, employees and their families will want to join in the festivities.

Schedule outdoor lunches or afternoon breaks
Let’s face it, on a beautiful summer day, employees sit at their desk wishing they could be outdoors. Take advantage of the season by arranging an outdoor lunch or an afternoon ice cream social. Remember, even a working lunch or an afternoon meeting is more fun when it’s outside.

Provide a list of events and services
There are endless activities, camps, and events available for the whole family during the summer, but many go unknown because employees simply do not have the time to research each possibility. By offering a comprehensive list of activities, employees can use the time they would have spent looking up this information, to actually participate and enjoy their summer.

For more information on how Capitol Concierge can help make your life and the lives of your tenants and their employees easier, check out our Property Concierge Service and Virtual Concierge Service.